poem pietistic

You can fool pretty nearly every other medium. You can make a poem pietistic, and still it will be a poem. You can write Hamlet in drama: if you wrote him in a novel, he’d be half comic, or a trifle suspicious: a suspicious character, like Dostoevsky’ s Idiot.
D.H. Lawrence, The Novel

a small fraction

Only a small fraction of the population could gaze at the moon with deep feeling or enjoy a Shakespeare play or listen to the beautiful music of Dowland.
Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

ultimately called

Like a monarch who, hearing that a city is to be built in his kingdom, meditates whether it would be well to grant the privilege, and hesitates; and finally goes forth to see the place and finds there a great powerful city which is finished, which stands as though from eternity with walls, towers and gates, so the world came when ultimately called to the completed work of Rodin.
Rainer Maria Rilke, Auguste Rodin

never discuss

Mother’s main vice in those dark days was alcohol, but to her credit she never let her drinking interfere with her ability to work and keep a clean house. The gin was never opened until I was in bed and to this day it is a subject we never discuss.
Mackenzie Brown, Lost Boys

racing heartbeat

I got it,“ said Steph, breathing hard and holding up the small grey camera. Liz grabbed the offered device and dashed down to hall. Steph leaned over, putting her hands on her knees and smiling while she tried to steady her racing heartbeat. “I can’t believe I did that.
Lord Malinov, Journals of Lord Malinov

with tenderness

They talked together for hours, of literature and sculpture and painting, amusing themselves with Flaxman and Blake and Fuseli, with tenderness, and with Feuerbach and Bocklin. It would take them a life-time, they felt to live again, IN PETTO, the lives of the great artists. But they preferred to stay in the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries.
D.H. Lawrence, Women in Love