cheap imitations

Look at the horsie! say the children; and they’d like to ride the horsie themselves. If they nag too loudly, they get slapped. We can’t afford it. Instead, the little boy or little girl is planted on the rocking and rolling plastic horse on the merry-go-round, where he or she can keep whining and wailing. This is a good lesson for the children: they learn that most expensive originals have cheap imitations. Unfortunately, a child remembers only the original and hates his parents.
Elfriede Jelinek, The Piano Teacher

the hope

It would be tragic,” I said, “if infertility should ever be the outcome of freedom. It is always with the hope of releasing productive energies that freedom is procured.
Thomas Mann, Doctor Faustus

a good time

If you believe John Updike, vacations are a good time to do a little swinging. The rules of ordinary life don’t apply.
Donna George Storey, John Updike Made Me Do It

at once

With such a taste, of course, her greatest pleasure was to have two pricks in her at once, the ne plus ultra of erotic satisfaction.
Anonymous, The Romance of Lust

actually sane

But there are other people, people who choose to be crazy in order to cope with what they regard as a crazy world. They have adopted craziness as a lifestyle. I’ve found that there is nothing I can do for these people because the only way you can get them to give up their craziness is to convince them that the world is actually sane. I must confess that I have found such a conviction almost impossible to support.
Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

none more pretty

In Seville was he born, a pleasant city,
Famous for oranges and women — he
Who has not seen it will be much to pity,
So says the proverb — and I quite agree;
Of all the Spanish towns is none more pretty,
Cadiz perhaps — but that you soon may see;
Don Juan’s parents lived beside the river,
A noble stream, and call’d the Guadalquivir.
Lord Byron, Don Juan