only one way

The object of wisdom is to point the right way ; if there were only one way, wisdom would be of no avail.

Claud Field, Persian Literature



dark shape

And a giant iron door slammed, locking him forever within the void. He looked through the brightly-colored light of the kaleidoscope and he began to spin it to look at all the pretty, symmetrical, geometric patterns transform from one perfect shape to another, but then someone took it away and replaced it with a silhouette. A dark shape—a human head with no face and no voice. The great, dark shape became larger and larger until it encompassed his entire range of vision. He saw only gray and black with sparkling, sharp points of brilliant purple and muted red and then he saw nothing and felt nothing until many hours later.

Michael Bizzarri, The Man In The Martini Glass

moved on

Afterwards they moved on to a discussion about painters: Miro, Dali and Warhol. And then writers: Emerson, Heller and Frankl. And the music of Moe Kaufman, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis.

William Reardin, Broken Unwrapped Pieces

candy to me

I liked girls and I liked being around them. From the first time I had sex, they became like candy to me and my world was an enormous candy store overflowing with different flavours.

William Reardin, Broken Unwrapped Pieces