they believe

“Do you think the reason Americans are boring,” he said breathlessly, turning once at the edge of the harbor to look back on the white boats, the boutiques, the awnings, the hotel, “is that they believe in happiness on earth?”

Andrew Holleran, Dancer From the Dance

too cold

The ballet has only been cancelled twice in my eight years with the company. The first time it was cancelled because the theatre was too cold. It was only eight degrees on the stage, and it has to be above 12 degrees for us to start dancing.

Monica Loughman, Ballerina

into the wings

The only piece that still has the ability to make me sick is Snowflakes from The Nutcracker, because it is so physically demanding. Sometimes I wish the audience could see into the wings before and after a performance of this dance; I have no doubt they would look at ballet differently.

Monica Loughman, Ballerina