A Cold Night

Journals of Lord Malinov

A Cold Night
Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

Ian struck the door furiously and stepped outside. A deep breath of the chilly night air stung his flush face. Ian reached back to pull the hood of his grey sweatshirt up over his head. “Shit,” he said fiercely, leaning into the strong wind. Ian’s eyes watered, blurring his vision.

“I don’t believe her,” he said bitterly. “You’re such a liar, Angie!” he yelled out into the deserted darkness. Ian gritted his teeth, fighting the cold. “I don’t know why I bother.”

Ian relaxed slightly as he reached the end of the street, looking up instinctively to check the road before he left the sidewalk for frozen asphalt. The initial shock of cold faded into a dull ache as he dug his hands deeper into the pockets of his long wool coat. “Oh, well,” Ian said aloud, “what did I expect, anyway?”…

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onanistic narcissism

These images call forth by themselves words that reinforce them; often they even remain incomplete; words are needed to finish the job; these words require that they be uttered and, finally, written down; writing calls forth and creates its audience; the onanistic narcissism ends by being staunched in words.
Jean Paul Sartre, Introduction to Jean Genet’s Our Lady of the Flowers

porno talk

I knew you were open-minded, that’s what all the porno talk was about, testing your barriers, but there’s a difference between being sexually adventurous and being able to cope when the usual rules of the universe no longer hold—
Matt Thorne, What Are You Wearing?

candid eyes

For several years an Amazonian monkey, chained by his waist to the mango tree in the patio, elicited a certain compassion because he had the sorrowful face of Archbishop Obdulio y Rey, the same candid eyes, the same eloquent hands; that, however, was not the reason Fermina got rid of him, but because he had the bad habit of pleasuring himself in honor of the ladies.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

happy marriages

Oh, women have become so highly educated, Jane, that nothing should surprise us nowadays, except happy marriages. They apparently are getting remarkably rare.
Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance

previous lives

All that happens is the working of karma. We get what we deserve depending on what we did in previous lives, which means that all this bad fortune is retribution for my past transgressions.
Murasaki Shikibu, The Tale of Genji

no one

Without intending to, without even knowing it, he demonstrated with his life that his father had been right when he repeated until his dying day that there was no one with more common sense, no stonecutter more obstinate, no manager more lucid or dangerous, than a poet.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

fleeing again

As punishment and to keep him from fleeing again they cut open the soles of his feet and smeared the wounds with the sap of a poisonous plant. Ever since, his feet perpetually burned and walking was a torment.
Antonio Di Benedetto, Zama

bear’s paw

When I was a child, my granddad told me that when rich people sit down to eat, their tables are filled with things like camel’s hooves, bear’s paw, monkey brains, swallow’s nest, and things like that.
Mo Yan, The Republic of Wine